• James Green

    Australia, NSW

    James Green
    • Artist Statement

      • BORN 1989

        British artist living and working in Sydney, Green showed a strong aptitude for drawing from a very young age. This was acknowledged throughout his early education and early group shows sparked local interest in his work – resulting in Green forming part of the small team commissioned to create ceiling paintings for The Ritz Hotel, London, aged 15. From a family with little creative background, it was much to their surprise that Green followed an artistic path from day one.

        Green studied Fine Art at Cardiff School of Art from 2007 – 2010, and following graduation, became the founding Partner of creative online studio and clothing brand, ‘Greenthorne’, aged 21. Still running to this day, Greenthorne is Green’s foremost online presence.

        Green is currently based in Paddington, Sydney, where he works primarily from his studio. His works can be found in cities across the globe – including Bristol, London, Barcelona and New York, among other places. Recent years has seen Green represented by internationally renowned Castle Gallery, Mayfair, and featured in TimeOut magazine. He continues to paint at every opportunity and his most recent body of work sees him develop a style as unique as his creative process.

    • Biography
      • First and foremost a portrait artist, James Green draws inspiration from the everyday person – experimenting around their identity. In an attempt to force himself away from early realism, Green established a creative process that would add a looseness to his portraits, purposely minimising the likeness of his subjects.

        Green begins by sketching passers-by on the street – limiting the amount of time he has to capture his subjects to a matter of seconds. He then works inquisitively from these studies to form multiple representations of the original ‘sitter’; trying to capture the person and pose with reference to only a single line drawing, and memory alone.As a mixed-media artist with a welcomed lack of patience, Green paints with a hurriedness; resulting in intentional accidental marks, and an unintentional product. “I don’t actually want my portraits to look like the sitter. It’s about painting anyone in everyone, and everyone in anyone – creating the everyday person (plural) through every portrait.”

        Ensuring he has all mediums to hand prior to painting begins, Green grabs whichever tool (and colour) feels right at that specific moment – purposely blocking out methodic thought, personal conversation and personal debate so that the resulting interpretation is personal to that moment alone and entirely a one-off – only satisfied when the outcome could never be replicated by himself, or anyone else. “I swear these things happen by accident”.


        'Art in Mind' Castle Gallery, Mayfair (London) - 2015
        'Urban Landscapes' Craft at The Bay, Cardiff (Wales UK) - 2011
        'Happy Shoppers' Blue Door, Gloucestershire (UK) - 2012
        'Inside my head' ItsAll2Much Gallery, Stokes Croft (Bristol UK) - 2014

        'Wave', Canada - 2012
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