• Mady Lewis

    South Australia

    Mady Lewis
    • Artist Statement
      • I have always painted and drawn since I was a child, my grandfather was a big influence to me and always encouraged me to be an artist while I sat with him while he painted. My highest achieving subject at school was art and I was highly encouraged to continue further study in art but I chose a different path at the time. It was in 2005 while studying creative photography I was telling a lecturer of my goals to be a painter. I was told to re think my choice as "It's pretty hard". In 2007 I then put down my camera for a while and began painting. I tried a few different styles to begin with but I have found what I love to paint, how I love to paint and what I have found most people react to positively.
    • Biography
      • 2010, Fringe Festival Exhibition. John Harvey Gallery

        2011, Australia Day Exhibition. John Harvey Gallery

        2011 Watershed artprize John Harvey Gallery

        2011, SALA Street Festival, Unley St Adelaide
        (2 paintings sold)

        2012 Signal Point art Exhibition, Signal Point Gallery Goolwa

        2013, Royal Adelaide Show art purchase exhibition, Wayville Showground,
        (2 First prizes under 2 different categories as well as 1 painting sold)

        2015, Monochromatic Exhibition Royal South Australian Society of Arts Adelaide

        2016 Watershed Artprize (High Commendation award) John Harvey Gallery
  • number 16 - st tropez acrylic on canvas mady lewis MADY LEWIS
    Number 16 - St Tropez
    Acrylic on canvas / 61 x 41 cm
  • first night in paris acrylic on canvas mady lewis MADY LEWIS
    First Night in Paris
    Acrylic on canvas / 51 x 41 cm
  • the farm painting mady lewis MADY LEWIS
    The Farm
    Painting / 61 x 31 cm
  • close to home painting mady lewis MADY LEWIS
    Close to home
    Painting / 102 x 76 cm
  • the ferris wheel painting mady lewis
    The Ferris Wheel
    Painting / 61 x 152 cm
  • sky flyer at sunset painting mady lewis
    Sky Flyer at Sunset
    Painting / 61 x 51 cm
  • the clowns painting mady lewis
    The Clowns
    Painting / 102 x 76 cm