• Lilly Antoneavic


    Lilly Antoneavic
    I am freelance artist working from home.

    I specialize in Portraits, both human and animal kind.
    I especially like to draw and paint Cats, all cats big and small.

    I work in all mediums from pencil on paper to oil on canvas.
    My style is Realism and Hyper Realism

    My art is illustrative and decorative.
    • Artist Statement

      • Ah... The dreaded Art Statement..
        Here goes..
        I dont like artists statements, really I dont..
        As an artist, they are almost always awkward and painful to write, and as a viewer they are similarly painful and uninformative to read.

        To begin with, us visual artists are visual people: we communicate visually.
        Descriptive writing requires much more specificity than visual communication.

        If we had a preference or talent for expressing ourselves through text, we would just write essays in the first place — right?

        My work does not contain any deep and `meaningful messages` or political or social comment, it is simply to share the joy of cats with the viewer..
    • Biography
      • I was born in Belgrade in former Yugoslavia.
        But I have lived in my beloved Melbourne since 1963.

        I have participated in group exhibitions with the CAS art society I belong to, and mainly in Brunswick Street Gallery since 2010.
        I had my first solo exhibition at Clocktower Gallery in June 2010..

        I have exhibited at Decoy Café Gallery in group exhibitions with the CAS art society..

  • nude with white cat drawing lilly antoneavic LILLY ANTONEAVIC
    Nude With White Cat
    Drawing / 59.4 x 81.1 cm
  • nude with ocelot drawing lilly antoneavic LILLY ANTONEAVIC
    Nude with Ocelot
    Drawing / 59.4 x 84.1 cm