• Cherie Lidbury

    New South Wales

    Cherie Lidbury
    I am was born in New Zealand but lived most of my life in Western Australia, I currently live and work on the East coast, in Newcastle and have been here since 2002.

    I studied my BA in Fine Arts at Curtin University in Perth and then carried on to do Honours the year after, majoring in painting and drawing of which I graduated in 2002. When I arrived in Newcastle I started teaching Life Drawing at the Hunter Street TAFE and I taught there for 8 years, I retired in 2013 so I could concentrate on my own art practice.

    I work in my home studio most days of which I absolutely love. I have my favourite music playing so I usually get into a zone and loose myself for hours, my Husband, Mark has been known to come looking for me when I haven’t realised the time and wonder what is for dinner!

    My background in drawing has been based on a traditional Atelier and I adore the Renaissance era with the usual suspects like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Titian, de Ribera and as a consequence I was pretty strict while teaching life drawing to the extent that I took my students to the anatomy lab at Newcastle University to teach them anatomy. Of course I practice what I preach and go to the lab myself and as many workshops given by artists as I can so I can broaden my knowledge. For example I spent 12 weeks in Florence, Italy a few years ago, I celebrated my 50th there so it was an amazing time, anyway I attended the Summer Workshop program at the Angel Academy of Art where I learnt painting techniques by the Italian Master, Caravaggio. I still use these techniques in my paintings today with a little adjustment but that’s the beauty about learning new skills you just adapt them to your style.

    The simple pleasure you get when looking at a painting that stops you in your tracks and feeling your emotions respond, your soul wakes up and your heart swells with love.
    For me that response is what I love to have and want to create.

    • Artist Statement
      • I am seduced by colour, texture and mark making, little nuances of 'deliciousness', these hidden 'bits' that you have to search for in a piece is what turns me on.
        My latest offerings are ‘encaustic’ which is an ancient technique using melted wax medium and pigments ‘fused’ to a ridged surface. As a result the surface has a beautiful translucent quality as it is built up of many thin layers of encaustic. Surfaces are a spectrum of texture, slathered with brushstrokes and oozing with drips, some are scratched, dug out, drawn over, scraped, chiselled, and embedded with drawings or objects. The medium is perfectly suited to my latest theme about the sea.

        I love this quote from artist Rachel Friedberg “a mysterious surface onto which I could suspend thoughts.”
        Most of these small works are poised between representation and abstraction. Some are an aerial view, looking down at the sea, the luminously transparent layers of turquoise, indigo, viridian and emerald greens, the white surge of the wave, swirls over the lush colour. Others are seascapes where land meets the sea either from a distance or a close up snapshot of waves crashing on the shoreline.

        My figurative pieces are made up of several steps, the first by laying the support on a flat table and pouring the paint, letting it do its own thing, dancing and flowing around the surface, the outcome is unknown but exciting. I try not to control this stage too much however I do want to have areas of dark hues for shadows and light hues for highlights on the figures.

        When dry, I chose an image from the array I have either taken or collected. The painting process is intuitive as I reveal or conceal the figure, allowing 'delicious' parts of the ground to be seen through the flesh of the figure and some to be concealed. The recent paintings have been embellished with tattoos, decorative imagery, flowers, and birds, some of which have taken flight from the confines of the body. I grew up in New Zealand so people with tattoos were common place within the Maori culture displaying the 'Moko' tribal tattoos.
        This is another quote I love…..An artwork that can give you an emotional response should be its only destiny!
    • Biography

        2013 Erotophilia, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney, NSW
        2012 Hot House, Front Room Gallery, Newcastle, NSW
        2010 All in The Making, Front Room Gallery, Newcastle, NSW
        2008 Jam, Front Room Gallery, Newcastle, NSW
        2007 Launch, Front Room Gallery, Newcastle, NSW
        2006 Drawing In, Hunter St. TAFE, NSW
        2005 Tempus Two Winery, Pokolbin, NSW
        2004 Tamburlaine Winery, Pokolbin, NSW
        2004 Trace, Maitland Regional Gallery, NSW
        2002 Sofa 02, John Curtin Gallery, Perth, WA
        2002 New Works New Faces, Perth Galleries, Perth, WA
        2001 Zero 1, Curtin University, Perth, WA
        2001 More Than Ping Pong, Artshouse, Perth, WA
        1999 Boxed, Curtin University, Perth, WA

        2014 Creative Nude Art Competition by Erotic Signature
        2001 Curtin School of Art Award for outstanding achievement for Drawing
        2001 Curtin School of Art Prize for outstanding work in Painting
        2000 Curtin School of Art Award for outstanding work in Painting
        1999 Vice Chancellor’s List, Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia
  • dance with waves painting cherie lidbury CHERIE LIDBURY
    Dance With Waves
    Painting / 53 x 73 cm
  • wave dreamer painting cherie lidbury CHERIE LIDBURY
    Wave Dreamer
    Painting / 19 x 25 cm
  • island home painting cherie lidbury CHERIE LIDBURY
    Island Home
    Painting / 25 x 19 cm
  • sand in my shoes painting cherie lidbury CHERIE LIDBURY
    Sand In My Shoes
    Painting / 80 x 60 cm
  • rhapsody in blue painting cherie lidbury CHERIE LIDBURY
    Rhapsody In Blue
    Painting / 100 x 60 cm
  • jade seduction painting cherie lidbury CHERIE LIDBURY
    Jade Seduction
    Painting / 46 x 60.5 cm
  • blue oasis painting cherie lidbury CHERIE LIDBURY
    Blue Oasis
    Painting / 25 x 25 cm
  • coastal retreat painting cherie lidbury CHERIE LIDBURY
    Coastal Retreat
    Painting / 150 x 100 cm
  • her love takes flight limited edition print cherie lidbury CHERIE LIDBURY
    Her Love Takes Flight
    Limited Edition Print / 20 x 25 cm