• Niloofar D


    Niloofar D
    I am a self-taught fine art photographer based in Brisbane; originally from Iran. I often get inspired by human complications and life challanges, and the complex ways individuals respond to these challenges.
    • Artist Statement
      • I am a Brisbane based fine art photographer. My emotive works explore concepts from an inner world, and reflect contemporary issues surrounding the body, the psychological and the social. My portraits suggest narratives that can be interpreted in immeasurable ways by the audience. My works are expressive, inviting the audience to think, reflect, project, connect and interpret in whichever way they can relate to the art work.
    • Biography
      • My work has emerged on social media and in various exhibitions in 2016. This includes being featured in various social media platforms (e.g in Instagram), as well as following exhibitions or competitions:
        - May 2016, Group Photography Exhibition, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane
        - June 2016, First Winner, Foot Square art competition and exhibition, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane
        - June 2016, nominee; Fine Art Photography Award, International online competition
        - July 2016, Featured artist at Brisbane's Finest Feminist seminar, Brisbane
        - August 2016, nominee, Brisbane Art Prize competition and exhibition, Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane
        - April 2017, Group photography exhibition, Aspire Gallery
  • who am i photograph niloofar d NILOOFAR D
    Who am I
    Photograph / 45 x 45 cm
  • new beginning  limited edition print niloofar d NILOOFAR D
    New Beginning
    Limited Edition Print / 30 x 30 cm
  • in love photograph niloofar d NILOOFAR D
    In love
    Photograph / 60 x 60 cm
  • am i gone yet limited edition print niloofar d
    Am I gone yet
    Limited Edition Print / 40 x 60 cm