• Valeria Magyar

    New South Wales

    Valeria Magyar
    I am a self taught artist, born in Hungary in 1981. I began my career as a Graphic Designer / Illustrator before moving into painting. I arrived in Australia in 2012 and worked for several reputable organisations as a Digital Designer. Finally in 2016, I started pursuing my dream of becoming a full time artist.
    • Artist Statement
      • The main theme of my artwork is a kind of spiritual "wonderland", embracing the magic of powerful nature that cannot be seen with the naked eye. I feel as an artist, it's my duty to bring this beauty to people, and show that there is no limit to the imagination.
  • the ocean (no.2)  limited edition print valeria magyar VALERIA MAGYAR
    The Ocean (No.2)
    Limited Edition Print / 100 x 70 cm
  • hanging gardens painting valeria magyar
    Hanging gardens
    Painting / 300 x 70 cm
  • frozen painting valeria magyar
    Painting / 100 x 75 cm