• Steve Perryman

    New South Wales

    Steve Perryman
    Grew up in Sydney where as a young man I was taught by a proficient watercolor artist. Since then I have taken my watercolor much further and also recently turned my hand to the acrylic medium. I studied art all the way through high school which was my favorite subject. Math's, English, Science and the rest were just subjects that got in the way.
    • Artist Statement
      • "I am not very good at Math but I can draw you the best number 2 you have ever seen".
    • Biography
      • Exhibition in Solihull, England some years ago.
  • a blue splash of summer painting steve perryman STEVE PERRYMAN
    A Blue Splash Of Summer
    Painting / 91 x 122 cm
  • jellyfish playground painting steve perryman STEVE PERRYMAN
    Jellyfish Playground
    Painting / 103 x 76 cm
  • lava sea painting steve perryman STEVE PERRYMAN
    Lava Sea
    Painting / 180 x 76 cm