• Francesca Narni

    South Australia

    Francesca Narni

    I am an artist from South Australia. I graduated from Adelaide central school of art in 2014. Since then I have exhibited in various galleries.
    I paint in oils and also do video works. I am open to using whatever medium suits for what I feel. Themes are often personal.. to do with my connection to nature, to animals, to my domestic life, to my dreams to what I love... nothing is necessarily set in concrete and like life changes, so I do not like to limit myself to one particular concept or idea. I paint commission pieces as well.
    I am also a keen surfer, and enjoy playing music and gardening and spending time at the beach.
    • Artist Statement
      • Francesca Narni is a multi- disciplinary artist who was born in Adelaide, Australia in 1971 and currently lives on the Fleurieu Peninsula , South Australia. She attended TAFE in Adelaide in 1997-2000 where she studied sculpture , painting and film. She later went on to study video editing/production through TAFE in 2009 and also music production in 2010 . She continued further studies in painting and drawing at Adelaide Central School of Art in 2011 graduating in 2014 with a Bachelor of Visual Art.
        Much of her artistic inspiration comes from the natural world and also from the unknown, exploring the innate human connection to nature and the universe. She draws from her daily life situations and experiences, her dreams, and things meandering around in her subconscious.
    • Biography
      • Can see more on my webpage www.francescanarni.com

  • galactic organic painting francesca narni FRANCESCA NARNI
    Galactic Organic
    Painting / 53 x 53 cm
  • dingo painting francesca narni FRANCESCA NARNI
    Painting / 1250 x 1210 cm
  • untitled painting francesca narni FRANCESCA NARNI
    Painting / 91 x 91 cm