• Toro Malo

    Western Australia

    Toro Malo
    I am an Italian photographer born in Rome some moons ago, for the last few years living in Silver Sands, Western Australia. I am a self-taught photographer and I was a pro until the late 80's, in fashion, advertising and motorsport. I left the business for a few years, until the advent of digital cameras, and since then I have been enjoying photography mostly as an amateur, sometimes commissioned for portraits and motorsports events.
    Although without doubt, the use of professional gear, yesterday Nikon and Contax film cameras, today EOS Canon, to a certain extent allows me to produce images of technical quality, I still believe that photography, as a form of art, has nothing to do with technical perfection (see Andy Warhol, Henri Cartier-Bresson and few other acclaimed artists), but with the capacity to create emotional impact through the image we capture.
    For the last few years I have been creating artworks, editing my photos beyond mere enhancements or corrections, in such an extreme way that they take on an entirely different look, a creative and conceptual exercise I love, as photography is a simple thing, provided you have something to say.
    Imagination in my artistic approach to photography is essential ingredient, aiming to create pure visual appeal, suggestion and fun, images sometimes disturbing: essence of freedom in art.
    Many times I have been asked who are the artists inspiring me the most, but I am not really influenced by any contemporary photographers, even though I have strong admiration for Helmut Newton, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Oliviero Toscani, and Richard Avedon.

    • Artist Statement
      • I do believe an artist must be free, always, without concessions to the commerce and to political correctness.
  • maria kalashnikov photograph toro malo TORO MALO
    Maria Kalashnikov
    Photograph / 60 x 40 cm