• Natalia Chabadova

    New South Wales

    Natalia Chabadova
    I am a young aspiring artist living in Bronte. Since my childhood I was always in a touch with any kind of art. Last years I used to teach the piano,
    I am still keep on writing my poetry, I love a movement, so my lifestyle is fulfilled with acro yoga and dancing. But where I mostly put my soul are my artworks.
    I am painting to make moments I love alive, those moments have already died in real but can still be alive on canvas.
    Do not forget what I dreamed about or experienced and also my mission is to keep this experience for others to share the beauty of life.
    Painting is for me a process of communication...to let moments live little longer.

    I travel through the world and my artwork continually captures what I see, what I admire and what I go for.
    Emotions and experiences are my essential ingredients. My artworks are the story, which I am part of.
    For several months during the year I travel around the world where a different type of scenery and new cultures always enriche my artwork.
    I live in Sydney nowadays close to the beach and that magic of the ocean inspired me to create my new collection of "ocean" paintings.

    Colors in my paintings are rich and intensive. A common theme, which is deeply intimate and spiritual - revealing beauty, freedom, hope and love."
    • Artist Statement
      • In 2017, Natalia moved to Australia, where she could pursue her love both of travel and of land, the endless inspiration of sand and stone, of colour and space, no moment identical to any other.
        Her current work is inspired by the ocean, and by Australia's extraordinary coasts. Amongst the rocks, the sand and the vast oceans there is a hidden grace and elegance, superb in its uncompromising beauty. Reflected in her work you will find explorations of how the force of the ocean has shaped the land. From a technical standpoint, medium acrylics were used on canvas.
        Natalia has attempted to capture a bird's eye view of coastline pools, lands and waves. Her paintings voice the need to sometimes see things from above - including our own lives. For this collection, Natalia prefers using her hands over brushes, as she feels like she can connect in a more personal manner with the canvas. Every stroke is a new decision, one that no two artists would take in the same way, and Natalia's choices are informed as much by technical proficiency as by the expression of her heart and her artistic energy.
        Natalia identifies with the fire element, and within this collection she delves into the water and the ground she seeks to make her at peace. Water has a profound meaning for Natalia, she feels it has a quenching and balancing effect on her fiery character and exploring it in her work in a certain way helps cleanse her spirit and find calm. We could say that an author who uses spiritual influence in conjunction with earth energies that works on multiple levels to assist us to grow on emotional and spiritual level too.
    • Biography
      • Solo exhibitions
        2018 Loft and Earth, Bondi Junction, Australia
        2018 Bavarian - Manly, Australia
        2018 Bogey Hole - Bronte, Australia
        2017 La Summer House, Cairns, Queensland, Australia
        2016 Kamzík, Bratislava, Slovakia
        2016 VUJE Company, Trnava, Slovakia
        2016 Fine restaurant and apartements, Malacky, Slovakia
        2016 State opera, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
        2016 Európa shopping center, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
        2016 ,,Large- size paintings" - Mlyny center, Nitra, Slovakia
        2016 Hotel Devín, BA, Slovakia
        2016 Neovízia, BA, Slovakia
        2016 ART Kafe Scherz, BA, Slovakia
        2016 Hotel Bratislava, BA, Slovakia
        2016 Central passage, BA, Slovakia
        2016 Company ART ,,Wood you human" , Bratislava, Slovakia
        2016 VeniceArtHouse, Palace Ca´Zanardi, Venice, Italy
        2016 Carlton Gallery of Art, Bratislava, Slovakia
        2014, ,,po_Prebudený_í" - Apollo Business Centrum, Bratislava, Slovakia
        2014, Gallery Chodov, Praha, Czech Republic
        2013, Company Palmer Capital RE Slovakia a EL TORO, Žilina, Slovakia
        2013, Residence of BauMax, Bratislava, SK
        2013 , ,,Visio. N .atasha" - Konzerva, Bratislava, SK
        2012, april ,,Nevypovedané" - Pallfy castle, first exhibition of paintings in castle, Malacky, SK
        2012, Eurovea Bratislava, on the occasion for new lifestyle magazine relase WomanMan and fashion show J. Jurcenko and M. Holubca
        2011, Liberary MCK, Malacky, SK
        2011, ,,Nádych Štetcom" - Gallery MCK, Malacky, SK

        Group exhibitions
        2017 Kick contemporary art gallery, Cairns, Australia
        2016 Rosum, Bratislava
        2016 Project - Samorosti, Prague
        2016 Fubaby - Festival of art and design, Banská Bystrica
        2013 Itinerant exhibition - competition ,,Mission", Centrum of culture Synagogue Trencín, Gallery Focesa - Šala, Galanta
        2014 Spektrum competition regard - Centre of culture, Bratislava

        Curating an exhibition
        2016 Mária Lišková and Lubica Mazik - ,, Spoved ženskej duše", City Hall, Trnava 2015 Ema Lubica Mazik, Tea house, Šala
        2014 Exhibition association of artists - TerraWag, Centre of cultre, Šamorín
  • mind, mona vale rock pool painting natalia chabadova NATALIA CHABADOVA
    Mind, Mona Vale Rock Pool
    Painting / 101 x 101 cm
  • innefable iceberg memory painting natalia chabadova NATALIA CHABADOVA
    Innefable Iceberg Memory
    Painting / 92 x 182 cm
  • be present painting natalia chabadova NATALIA CHABADOVA
    Be Present
    Painting / 92 x 182 cm
  • der wasserfall painting natalia chabadova NATALIA CHABADOVA
    Der Wasserfall
    Painting / 92 x 182 cm
  • dreamtime, cronulla australia painting natalia chabadova NATALIA CHABADOVA
    Dreamtime, Cronulla Australia
    Painting / 101 x 101 cm
  • savage, collaroy beach, australia painting natalia chabadova NATALIA CHABADOVA
    Savage, Collaroy Beach, Australia
    Painting / 122 x 61 cm
  • serenity painting natalia chabadova
    Painting / 101 x 101 cm
  • one wish - broome, western australia coast painting natalia chabadova
    One Wish - Broome, Western Australia Coast
    Painting / 101 x 101 cm