• Tiffany Blaise


    Tiffany Blaise
    I'm an emerging artist with a passion for painting and connecting with creative communities. Recently I have started to teach workshops to help others realize their creative potential and discover the cathartic power of painting! As an adventure hunter, I love exploring new places, being outdoors and photographing new material to paint.
    • Artist Statement
      • Tiffany Blaise is a contemporary landscape painter. The bold and dramatic nature of artist Tiffany Blaise’s work is translated through the artist’s fascination with capturing emotionally charged landscapes on canvas. In her artistic practice, Tiffany has explored the themes of movement, introspection and transformation. Her subjects range from minimal landscapes to monumental waves. Opaque oil paint and cold wax are blended, moved and sculpted onto the surface of the artworks with an impasto technique to capture her own consciousness as well as the mood of a scene. This notion of creating poetic landscapes is inspired by Cezanne’s works and his idea “A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.”
    • Biography

        b. 1990 Vancouver BC
        37 Woolton Ave, Thornbury VIC, AUS
        info@tiffanyblaise.com +1 (04) 3533 5703

        2008 BFA University of Victoria, Victoria, BC
        2012 BFA with Distinction, Design, Concordia University, Montreal, QC
        2017 Thrive Art School, Thrive Art Studio, Vancouver, BC

        Selected Exhibitions
        2015 LIGHT, Telus World of Science, Vancouver
        2016 Hollyburn Country Club, West Vancouver
        2016 Eastside Culture Crawl, Vancouver
        2017 Solo Exhibition, Storm, The Kay Meek Centre, West Vancouver
        2017 Solo Exhibition, Storm, The Silk Purse, West Vancouver
        2017 Group Exhibition, Clouds, The Cityscape Gallery, North Vancouver
        2017 Group Exhibition, DTES Grant Showcase, Interurban Gallery, Vancouver
        2018 Group Exhibit, A4 Contemporary Art Show, Herring Island Gallery, South Yarra
        2018 Group Exhibition, Night, Arnold Street Gallery, North Bendigo
        2018 Group Exhibition, Exquisite Palette Show, Tacit Gallery, Collingwood
        2018 Group Exhibition, Winter Days, Off the Kerb Gallery, Collingwood

        Awards and Grants
        2012 Surface 3 Award for Design Excellence
        2015 We Love Lamp International Lighting Design Competition Top 10 Finalist
        2017 DTES Emerging Artists Grant
        2017 Art Starts Creative Spark Grant
        2018 Strathcona’s 10 Blocks of Passion Grant

        Collaborative Projects
        2010 The Weight of Light, Karilee Fuglem, Montreal
        2017 UPLIFT, Hanna Benihoud, Vancouver
        2018 LuminoCITY, Hanna Benihoud, Vancouver
        2018 10 Blocks of Passion with Railtown Cafe, Hanna Benihoud, Vancouver

        Private Commissions
        2014 Private Art Commission, Azure Horizon, 7’x 10’ diptych, oil on canvas, Derek Lau, Vancouver
        Private Art Commission, Naramata Hills, 30”x 60” painting, oil on canvas, Janet Lister, Vancouver
        2016 Private Art Commission, Teal Sky, 18”x 24” painting, oil on canvas, Jonathan Stianson, Vancouver
        Private Art Commission, Beyond the Horizon, 36”x 48” painting, oil on canvas, Natalie Lister, Vancouver
        2017 Private Art Commission, Great Lakes, 24”x 60” paintings, oil on canvas, Elim Village, Surrey
        2018 Private Art Commission, The Fast of Mind, 30”x 60” painting, oil on canvas, Darin Atchison

        2018 Studio residency, Eramboo Artist Environment, Sydney, NSW

        Available upon request
    • Interview
      • Which new trends or Australian artists do you find inspiring at the moment?

        Chris Langlois and Joanna Logue are two Australian artists I really admire because of the style and scale of their work.

        Which Australian deceased artist do you most admire and why?

        I really admire William Robinson’s beautiful colour palettes and dramatic landscape compositions

        Which exhibition that you have visited made the greatest impact on you and why?

        Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Rooms at the Seattle Art Museum, which presented spaces of infinite possibility and wonder. Her art brings you into another world.

        Where do you get your inspiration for your work?

        I get a lot of inspiration from exploring and hiking while on trips, but also from books and art exhibits.

        Do you have any rituals or habits involving your art-making that you can tell us about?

        I like to experiment with lots of different paint application techniques and create moodboards for collections before starting them to organize all of my ideas. Coffee is always a necessity before I attempt to make anything!

        What do you like most about being an artist?

        The freedom of creating my own schedule and being able to do what I love on a daily basis are major perks.

        How do you handle bad days when you experience artist's block?

        I like to go for a walk or listen to a podcast like “Talking with Painters or “Design Matters”

        What is your greatest achievement as an artist to date?

        Having a solo show for my series of storm paintings at a gallery I used to visit when I was young was a really significant achievement for me.

        Do you feel that you want to make a difference to the world or in people's lives? If yes, how?

        I want to help people connect with their surrounding nature and inner emotions through art.

        What are your plans for the coming year?

        This year I will continue to build out the series of paintings I’m currently working on inspired by the Australian wilderness. I have an upcoming group show at Off the Kerb’s “Winter Days” show launching July 27th. I also plan to do a artist residency in Tasmania later in the year!

  • sundown painting tiffany blaise TIFFANY BLAISE
    Painting / 23 x 30 cm
  • moonlit  painting tiffany blaise TIFFANY BLAISE
    Painting / 31 x 41 cm
  • coastal impression painting tiffany blaise TIFFANY BLAISE
    Coastal Impression
    Painting / 31 x 41 cm
  • lost in the wilderness painting tiffany blaise TIFFANY BLAISE
    Lost in the Wilderness
    Painting / 101.6 x 76.2 cm
  • the escape painting tiffany blaise TIFFANY BLAISE
    The Escape
    Painting / 101.6 x 76.2 cm