• Jannifer Jones

    New South Wales

    Jannifer Jones

    I practice my work in a small studio at Woy Woy bay I have been working in the visual art practice for almost 9 years,I am basically self trained, however I have learnt and practiced ceramics,sculpture, drawing, IAm a qualified cabinetmaker and worked for over a decade in the industry my own workshop created custom furniture and art pieces, I managed a small gallery for the artists Robin Norling and Jocelyn maume at Patonga beach, my other passions include interior design and renovation.
    • Artist Statement

      • I make art
        because I am compelled to do so, I become inspired by colours and the thousands of Images I encounter every day,

        Painting releases my feelings either happy, hurt, frustrated,creating has always centred me and the process takes me to another plane of concentration I am immersed.

        To start working I need to have all my equipment at hand, I always start with the laying down of colours which I move around until I find a starting point, I work abstractly never
        from a picture, even if I’m working on a face,the addition of fabric, string, gesso, or any thing found, the painting is dictated by the canvas, however I am the master of the paint and

        Being creative has dominated my life, It gives me direction, passion, and purpose.
    • Biography

      • My career so far includes, Distinction pass advanced diploma visual art,

        Finalists North Sydney art prize

        Finalist Gosford art prize

        Exhibited Hunters Hill art show, exhibited locally pearl beach art show, Gosford art co-operative
  • breaking sails painting jannifer jones JANNIFER JONES
    Breaking Sails
    Painting / 49 x 100 cm
  • looking for sense in the scrambled garden of the world  painting jannifer jones JANNIFER JONES
    Looking For Sense In The Scrambled Garden Of The World
    Painting / 60.1 x 12.2 cm
  • endangered painting jannifer jones JANNIFER JONES
    Painting / 90 x 90 cm
  • leave me be painting jannifer jones JANNIFER JONES
    Leave Me Be
    Painting / 5 x 6 cm