• Sarah Walker


    Sarah Walker
    Hi, I'm Sarah Walker.

    For as long as I can remember, drawing and painting have always been in my life. I had always dreamed of being an artist when I grew up. I studied my Diploma of Visual Arts in the early 2000's, at TAFE in Toowoomba, where I also currently reside.
    I love being creative in general, it's as normal to me as breathing! I'm a classically trained pianist, and I've studied fashion design. I also love to crochet tiny cute things, called amigurumi, and I design patterns for that too. I embroider, make jewellery, knit, quilt, dye fabric..... you get the idea!
    I've run a small business designing and making unique and quirky women's clothes and accessories, as well as a variety of other interesting and mundane jobs.
    I'm married and we have a daughter. The last 2 years I've been doing a variety of freelance creative work which has paid the kindy fees, and now that my daughter's started school it's finally the time to pursue my arts career, specifically as a painter, full time.
    Even though I haven't been selling art prior to this, I have always been painting or drawing one way or another, as it just makes part of the fabric of my life.
    Random facts: I love maths, like especially the crazy theoretical stuff that has no practical everyday use, Numberphile is one of my fav youtube channels. I love metal and classical music, as well as blues and jazz. I have dealt with long term depression in life, and also have a deep faith in God, which is the rock of my life and helps keep me mildly sane. I also like cats but I'm allergic to them.
    This is a very bizarre experience to just randomly type in information about myself, so I hope you've been mildly entertained, as this was really hard to know what to type.
    • Artist Statement
      • I'm Sarah Walker.

        I specialise in vivid, quirky, and unique interpretations of still life paintings. I am especially drawn to using fruit imagery, as these are ubiquitous throughout Art history. Being such a recognised subject, I find it is easy to transport the fruit to mean more than fruit, and taken out of context they become a symbol of whatever thought processes I am currently delving in to. These thoughts and inspirations include personal life experiences, deconstructing the Christian faith- with notable references to the Spiritual Fruit of the Bible, plus the correlations I see between complex maths concepts and faith ideologies. There is much material for thought here, and many of my pieces contain recurrences of these themes.
        I occasionally still indulge in my personal love of painting faces. Faces speak so much of our lives, but also can be taken out of context and used to symbolise or express something much more than just a face.

        My favourite medium for years now has been acrylics. The speed and boldness of acrylic colour match the vibrant nature of my paintings, which are ultimately a reflection of myself and my vision. I love creating backgrounds with layers and subtle textures, it is enjoyable to have that slightly tactile nature to the background of a piece. My style is a cross between semi realistic, with hints of surrealism, and a hell of a lot of colour. I predominantly use a primary palette (in a variety of hues), and my works are striking and recognisable with the blues/reds/yellows, plus oranges and greens, that I favour most of all. My voice is strong, independent, and definitely my own!
    • Biography
      • Seeing as though I'm an emerging artist, this is the short and sweet section:
        2017: The Glennie Art Show, Toowoomba
        2018: RAW Australia, Horizons, The Met, Brisbane
        2019: Grammar Art Show, Toowoomba
  • the colour series: flourish, cerulean dreams painting sarah walker SARAH WALKER
    The Colour Series: Flourish, Cerulean Dreams
    Painting / 40.5 x 51.5 cm
  • the colour series: emerge, golden days painting sarah walker SARAH WALKER
    The Colour Series: Emerge, Golden Days
    Painting / 40.5 x 51.5 cm
  • the colour series: in bloom, scarlet love painting sarah walker SARAH WALKER
    The Colour Series: In Bloom, Scarlet Love
    Painting / 40.5 x 51.5 cm
  • in my travels painting sarah walker SARAH WALKER
    In My Travels
    Painting / 41.5 x 50.5 cm
  • sabbath painting sarah walker SARAH WALKER
    Painting / 30 x 30 cm
  • the metamorph: towards the light painting sarah walker SARAH WALKER
    The Metamorph: Towards The Light
    Painting / 50.5 x 50.5 cm
  • the suspension of time in the season of waiting painting sarah walker SARAH WALKER
    The Suspension Of Time In The Season Of Waiting
    Painting / 46 x 61 cm
  • self control and the parameters of change painting sarah walker SARAH WALKER
    Self Control And The Parameters Of Change
    Painting / 50.5 x 40.5 cm
  • the firstfruits of offering painting sarah walker SARAH WALKER
    The Firstfruits Of Offering
    Painting / 51 x 40.5 cm
  • love: a spiritual fruit painting sarah walker SARAH WALKER
    Love: A Spiritual Fruit
    Painting / 30 x 30 cm